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As a tenant it is important to be aware of Dilapidations. Sherwood Surveyors offer services to tenants as follows:


  • Advise on repair liability prior to entering into a lease. This can include advice on historic alterations and disrepair if a sub lease is to be entered into or if the tenant is to take on an assignment of an existing lease.
  • Prepare a schedule of condition to be appended to the lease. Dependent upon the wording of the repairing covenants in the lease this can often help limit or avoid dilapidation liability (If accepted by the lesssor).
  • Undertake a survey of the property in order that you are fully aware of the condition and repairing obligations this information may help aid in negotiating the terms it may also make you decide that due to the cost involved it would be best to look at a different property.
  • Ineffective or defective services can prove to be expensive to maintain repair and replace especially in commercial buildings. The presence of defective underground drains or asbestos can also result in costly works especially if alterations to the property are planned.
  • Older properties often fail to comply with legislation one example being the Equalities Act; it is therefore wise to consider all potential costs associated with the lease prior to entering into the agreement. We can arrange for a wide range of specialist surveys to be undertaken by consultants and experts we have come to trust over the years.

During lease

  • Advise on options once an (Interim) Schedule of Dilapidations has been served by the landlord during the term of the lease. Subject to the reason for the issue of the Schedule we can also advise on whether there is likely to be any relief under The Leasehold Property Repairs Act 1938.
  • Advise on options once a (Terminal) Schedule of Dilapidations has been served by the landlord during the last three years of the lease.
  • If you undertake alterations to the premises during the term of the lease you generally have to obtain a licence under the terms of the lease. We are happy to manage the process and prepare the necessary documentation and drawings for submission for ‘licence for alterations’ for landlord’s approval.
  • It is common for leases to stipulate time periods for internal and external decorations. We can arrange these works and manage them on site.
  • Whether you have a ‘full repairing and insuring lease’ or an ‘internal repairing and insuring lease’ your dilapidation liability may be reduced if you take appropriate measures to maintain the property. Our Chartered Building Surveyors are experts in the preparation of maintenance schedules and arranging for the maintenance works to be undertaken in a safe and cost effective manner.

End of lease

Arrange for the works to be undertaken once a (Final) Schedule of Dilapidations has been served by the landlord at the end of the lease. We can also advise on whether the tenant is protected by Section 18 (1) of The Landlord and Tenant Act 1927; this may limit the extent of works required and damages claimed.

Landlord/Lessee - As a landlord

Sherwood Surveyors (Chartered Building Surveyors) have the expertise to advise on the often complex aspects of Dilapidations. We provide the following services:

  • Advise how you can maximise the value of your investment by ensuring your property is maintained under the terms of the lease by the tenant.
  • Preparation of accurate interim terminal and final schedules of dilapidation.
  • Advise on tenant’s liability in relation to repairing covenants.
  • Negotiate settlements and claims under the terms of the lease.
  • Advise on technical aspect of ‘licences for alteration’.
  • Advise on options for repair and/or damages.
  • Advise on how you can resolve your dilapidations quickly and effectively.

Call us now on 01909 512 149 or 07530 291 367 and we can provide you with professional advice regarding your dilapidation liability.  We are a local surveying company with countrywide experience in helping our clients solve their property issues.

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