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Insurance companies invariably use a small number of organisations to manage their claims these companies have specific resources to deal with the volume of work they receive. Unfortunately when an event occurs to an area such as flooding or a dry summer resulting in widespread subsidence the company tasked with managing your claim often become overwhelmed and unable to cope with the influx of claims it receives. This can affect the quality of service you receive.

Sherwood Surveyors have widespread experience of dealing with 'insured perils' (fire flood subsidence etc) for the majority of major insurers across a range of residential agricultural and commercial buildings.

Subsidence, heave and landslip

We have a wealth of experience managing 'subsidence, heave and landslip' related insurance claims across the United Kingdom. This has involved undertaking the initial inspection arranging investigations and then appropriate mitigation works preparing specifications and drawings and managing the works on site to completion.

If a property owner/lessee suspects that they may have subsidence related damage at their property and they contact their insurer; the insurer normally either:

  1. Requests that the property owner/lessee arrange for a survey to be undertaken by an independent surveyor. If the damage has been caused by an insured peril the property owner/lessee can normally claim the cost back.
  2. Or they will arrange for somebody to visit and report on the cause of the damage.

Sherwood Surveyors are happy to undertake an initial investigation and provide a report for your insurer. In relation to your insurer sending their own investigator and managing the claim we would note that professional independent advice can often be beneficial.

Reasons include:

  1. The person sent by your insurer may not be professionally qualified. Sherwood Surveyors will send an experienced Chartered Building Surveyor to report.
  2. It is becoming more common for insurance companies to agree a fixed fee with the company it employs to investigate and manage claims. Unfortunately this often results in the company not undertaking the necessary investigations as this affects their profit. They are also often eager to close claims quickly and reduce the repair works to the absolute minimum. We have experience of damage to buildings returning after the property owner has gone through the disruption and mess of having works completed. Sherwood Surveyors have the knowledge to thoroughly investigate your claim we have good working relationships with Arboriculturalists / Industry Approved Drainage Investigation Teams and Material laboratories.
  3. In order to save on time the companies employed by insurers to manage the claim usually rely on the property owner/lessee signing a form to say that they are satisfied with the standard of completed works. Sherwood Surveyors believe that an expert should be signing to say that they are happy with the standard of work in addition to the property owner/lessee especially as the property owner/lessee has to pay out an excess payment which is normally £1000.

Fire / Flood and Escape of water

Sherwood Surveyors have experience of managing flood and fire claims across the United Kingdom.

insurance insurance 

In relation to water damaged properties it is essential that the water damaged fixtures and fittings are removed as quickly as possible; as this can save further contamination to other parts of the property. 

We can help by arranging all works related to the claim; from organising the strip out and installation of de-humidification equipment to arranging temporary accommodation. As experienced Chartered Surveyors we can then arrange appropriate inspections of the services and a full design procurement and contract administration service to repair and where necessary re-build the property. 


Sherwood Surveyors have extensive experience of reporting on and repairing earthquake damaged properties. 


Our highly qualified and professional staff can advise you regarding your insurance difficulties.  Call now on 0800 092 0343.

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