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This is when the client employs Sherwood Surveyors to exercise the powers and functions of the client under a 'Design & Build Contract'.

employers agent role

The role is normally used by clients when they intend to build a new uncomplicated building and want the security of knowing the fixed cost. This form of procurement is not suitable for complex projects or ones where the design is likely to change.

Contrary to belief the client can have a high degree of input into the design of the build as long as a design team is appointed and subsequently novated to the contractor.

Appointing Sherwood Surveyors as Employer's Agent would normally result in us undertaking the following role: 


  • Analyse the client's brief and prepare a) an estimate of the construction cost & b) a draft project programme.
  • Appraise the site and if required arrange for a survey of the site and any investigations.
  • In conjunction with the client, architect, consulting engineer and any other consultants involved develop a scheme for outline proposals.
  • Formulate the brief to the contractors in the form of the employer's requirements together with the associated tender documentation.
  • Advise on warranties, bonds, consents and licenses.
  • Negotiate tender from the contractor to achieve a tender offer within the pre-determined construction cost estimates.
  • Sanction the contractor's detailed design.
  • Prepare the contract documents.

employers agent role


  • Chair and minute monthly site meetings
  • Sanction the contractor's detailed design throughout the contract.
  • Provide full quality control inspection services throughout the contract.
  • Provide a full cost control administration service throughout the contract.
  • Carry out full quality inspection on completion of the works and issue appropriate certification under the contract
  • Arrange commissioning and any maintenance contracts for M&E installations.

The Chartered Surveyor that works on your project will also be a member of The Association of Project Managers. This should give you peace of mind knowing that the individual has demonstrated the capabilities of a responsible leader with the ability to manage construction projects using appropriate tools processes and techniques.

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